Survey Bypasser

How to bypass surveys? Try now our Survey Bypasser tool!

Survey Bypasser – Why is it so wanted?

Bypassing surveys is somehow a very requested feature lately. So many people try each day to find a working software or tool, with which they will be able to skip surveys. But, unfortunately, most of the softwares they find on Google or Youtube is completely crap. How to bypass surveys? – that’s the question they ask always more.



What is a survey?

Check this wikipedia article for more information.

Locking a file with a survey is a solution always more used by people who want to “protect” an important file or software, and at the same time earn something from it, so they can finance their projects.

There are many types of survey, pin submits, email submits, downloads and questionaries. Some of them are easy as hell to do, some are difficult and require time and concentration. Everything depends on the country you are viewing the surveys.

However, people still complaint that they aren’t able to complete a survey to unlock their desired content. So, we are going to show you how to bypass surveys, through our self-developed survey bypasser.

How to bypass surveys?


But let’s get down to brass tacks, you are here to know how to bypass surveys. Our survey bypasser is user-friendly and fast. Simply copy and paste the survey link, then choose the network (we support a large number of networks – fileice, sharecash, cleanfiles and so on) and hit the “start” button. In some minutes your download will start and you will get your desired file in your download folder.
No crap, no virus, no bullshit guaranteed.

survey bypasser

Download now our survey bypasser, and learn now how to bypass surveys!


You might have noticed it, our download link redirects to a survey list. This software was developed with high-costing tools, and we had to invest our money in it. Surely you will have two minutes of your free time to complete a simple survey – the last in your entire life -, to finance our software and let us improve it with always more networks supported and bugfixes. Currently it is in a sort of “beta-stage”, so some bugs may show up – report them to our support -. We hope you will understand and support us.

How to bypass surveys? – we have just given you an answer to that question – you only have to download our survey bypasser, and start downloading files without wasting your time! What are you waiting for?




We are a team, called “EliteCoderz” , a group of guys with lots of knownledge about coding and similar stuff. Some of us have already got experience at working with advertisers and survey-related stuff. We decided to stop allowing people locking fake files with viruses, and then fooling users who spend money and time on surveys. But because of this, we were fired up from our networks. We met each other online, and we decided to give to all our visitors a way to skip surveys and download directly their desidered content. So, month after month, thanks to our knownledge, we were finally able to build our own survey bypasser. We noticed also that on the web there are sooo many fake “survey bypassers”, which actually don’t work and fill a pc with crap and malwares. We decided to build this site, and promote here our self-developed software.